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iMulat: an app for parents & caregivers of children 0 to 6 years old

#3 Top Trending Parenting App

iMulat is the condensed version of the parenting education session modules of the First Read project of Save the Children Philippines.

It can be downloaded at the Android Play Store:

It is divided into 10 sessions covering child development, health and nutrition, positive discipline, and risk reduction, to name a few. It is designed to be accessed by parents who cannot attend face-to-face parenting sessions and those who want to learn how to engage with children ages 0 – 6 to support their holistic development.

10 Parenting Sessions

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This mobile application encourages caregivers to change their behaviour and be more engaged in promoting early years stimulation, when parents change their behaviour in this way it leads to improvements in children’s learning outcomes in the domains of cognitive development, socio-emotional development, and their physical/motor development. It aims to motivate caregivers to change their behaviour through the use of an interactive app that can be used on smart devices.

This has been’s third project with Save The Children, after Ligtas Pinas and “Chuchay Makulay & Billy Bilis” interactive e-book.

Download iMulat now at




The application also has a calendar that caregivers can use to log and monitor activities they do with their children. Whether they play, read, talk, sing, or count with them, caregivers will be able to track if they are able to allot time for children for quality interactions.



The line graph, which is also a feature of the application, will give them a quick overview of their progress.

iMulat’s official launch at Trinoma Mall, Quezon City

Download station and help center

There was also a book fair for children’s books published by Save The Children


PH Mountains PRO

Introducing PH Mountains PRO, the premium version of the top-rated #PHMountainsApp.

It has no annoying ads and more importantly, over the next year, exclusive features and content will slowly be rolled out to this version, including Hike List achievements and badges that you can share on Facebook!

It’s now available for purchase on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for only $0.99. ?

NEWS UPDATE: Only a few days after its launch, PH Mountains PRO skyrocketed ? to the top of the App Store! It’s now the #1 Paid iPhone Travel App in the Philippines! ???⛰

Top Charts - Travel (Paid).jpg

#1 Paid iPhone Travel App in the Philippine App Store


Ligtas Pinas

In 2015, I started a mobile app project “PH Disasters” (badly named ?, based on the series of apps I already made, e.g. PH Mountains, PH Falls, PH Traffic Cam) realizing the need for more local Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) mobile apps.

The project did not progress and the code stayed unwritten.

Fast forward to the year 2016, I attended a children’s workshop in Urban DRR, spearheaded by Save the Children Philippines, under Project CUST (Children for Urban Safety and Transformation).


Resource persons for the Urban Disaster Risk Reduction children’s workshop. Photo by Trisha Reyes

I was invited to teach kids from various elementary and high schools in Metro Manila and Bulacan the basics in mobile application development. (A good friend, Genevieve Reyes, also went and taught photography to these children, while Ara Villena handled a group that was interested in visual arts. Another group learned news writing.) I did not dare to go into the details of the technical aspects of coding. Instead, I gave these young kids a brief overview of the entire app development cycle, from ideation, coding, to testing and deployment. I wanted to show them that anyone’s idea for a solution to an existing problem can be built and developed. We brainstormed the potential features of a DRR app and after a few months, I turned it into a real app.

2016-10-26 11.10.46-1.jpg

2016-10-26 11.51.37-1

One of the mockups made by the kids, using mobile prototyping kits I brought.

Introducing… the Ligtas Pinas mobile app! It was published March 2017 to the Philippine Google Play Store (Not yet available outside the PH App Store).

Ligtas Pinas feature graphic.png

1. Safety Tips – essential information, instructions, and videos on things to do before, during, and after a disaster (i.e. typhoon, flood, fire, earthquake)
2. Safe Areas – report safe and unsafe areas during a disaster and get instantly notified when a disaster is reported near your location (within a 20 kilometer radius)
3. Emergency Hotlines – one-click access to important local emergency phone numbers
4. Tools & Utilities – flashlight, strobe light, compass, whistle, send exact user location (latitude and longitude)
5. And more! – Child (app user) information and emergency details, current weather, videos
2016-10-26 14.50.45-1.jpg

The app makers: Cyro, Ed, Jazpher, Jude, Miho, Mik, Niña, Rhed, Richmond, & Third


PH Falls

As an extension of the PH Mountains app, I’m releasing a similar nature-oriented app, called PH Falls: The Philippine waterfalls guide in your pocket. As with the previous app, it contains a directory of places, aggregation of photos, lists of personal visits, etc.

Screenshot_2016-02-20-17-31-35.png     Screenshot_2016-02-20-17-28-43.png    Screenshot_2016-02-20-17-29-59.png

For now it is only available on Android:

If there is enough user demand, I may also release an iOS counterpart.



Find the middle of two or more locations and discover great venues nearby! Meet halfway, save time!

What is Rendezvous?
ren·dez·vous noun \ˈrän-di-ˌvü, -dā-\
: a place where people agree to meet at a particular time

Ideal for:
1. meeting-up with a far away friend (or group of friends)
2. organizing a buy-and-sell transaction
3. meeting a client for lunch
4. first dates
5. just about any meet-up scenario you can think of!

Screenshot_2014-12-14-06-29-47Screenshot_2014-12-14-06-33-06Screenshot_2014-12-14-06-31-25  Screenshot_2014-12-14-06-30-14
How to use Rendezvous?

1. Add at least two markers. Either:
a. Zoom in and scroll to the desired position, then tap the “Plus” button
b. Tap the “Search” button and enter a place to look for.

2. Hold and drag the markers to adjust.

3. Tap the Rendezvous icon to look for the halfway point.

4. Several suggested venues will appear around the Rendezvous point.

5. Tap the map toolbar icons to open in Google Maps or navigate to the venue.

6. Tap the menu button (or the overflow/3-dots button) and select “Screenshot” to take a photo of the map, then you can share it to the people you would meet.

Download the Android app here. (iOS coming soon)


PH Mountains

PH Mountains is the first and only Philippine mountains information app.


It boasts the following features:


  • One hand-picked photo per mountain
  • Vast collection of mountain information, maps, photos, and videos
  • Mountains can be sorted alphabetically, by elevation, by climbing difficulty, or by location (Find out the nearest mountains around you!)
  • Mountains currently closed for hiking are marked
  • Includes weather information (with remarks whether an excellent/good/fair/poor day for hiking)
  • Aggregated photos from Instagram and Google Images



  • Choose between Terrain (default), Satellite, Normal, or Hybrid view
  • See your current location relative to the mountains (Useful when identifying peaks around you)


  • Keep track of your hikes
  • Automatically plotted on a separate map
  • Two separate lists (and maps): ‘Climbed’ and ‘Wanna Climb’
  • Share it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.



  • Shows a quotation (about mountains, nature, and adventure) every time you open the app
  • Tap the refresh button for a new one if you just can’t get enough 😉
  • Share quotes directly from the app either as text or an image



  • Personalize the app
  • Choose between metric and imperial units
  • Set the total image cache size limit

Click here to download the Android app. (iOS app will soon follow)

UPDATE (12/10/14): PH Mountains made it to the #3 spot of the Top Free Android Apps in the Philippines and #19 in the Top New Free Worldwide, both in the Sports category.



PH Traffic Cam

PH Traffic Cam is an Android app that lets you watch LIVE traffic cameras from all over Metro Manila. This app is helpful for both drivers and commuters. Here you can see the current traffic situation with your own eyes!

device-2013-05-23-001244          device-2013-05-23-001222

Download here.

 Disclaimer: The traffic monitoring cameras are owned and operated by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), under the leadership of Chairman Francis Tolentino. This traffic mirror is 100% produced by NowPlanet.TV, a digital media brand of the publicly listed Information Capital Technology Ventures, Inc. (ICTV). It can be accessed at

Furthermore, this is not an official app and is in no way affiliated to or endorsed by MMDA and ICTV.

UPDATE (06/20/13): PH Traffic Cam made it to the #2 spot of the Top Free Android Apps in the Philippines and #5 in the Top New Free Worldwide, both in the Transportation category.

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 11.40.15 PM


Khan Academy Mobile

Khan Academy Mobile brings the popular learning platform’s entire curriculum to Android users in a unique and feature-rich way! You can create study plans by marking the videos that most interests you, then watch them later. You can even share the video links to various channels.

Key features:
☆ Watch and learn from thousands of educational videos from the entire Khan Academy curriculum
☆ Organized by subject
☆ Create a study plan that will serve as your handy to-watch list
☆ Share video links via SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any other app on your Android phone!

☆ Built specifically for Android! Uses Holo UX design.
☆ Utilizes caching of video categories for faster app navigation!


device-2013-03-17-142525        device-2013-03-17-142855 

device-2013-03-17-142734        device-2013-03-17-142625

This is my first published application in my personal Android developer account. Basically, it is an Android counterpart of the app I wrote for J2Me several months ago which can be downloaded here. However, this version is packed with additional features that the J2Me platform simply can’t do (e.g. sharing the video link to any compatible application in the phone). However, due to my limited time for leisure coding, the app is still in beta stage and bugs and crashes may come here and there. Please report them and send in your comments and suggestions, too! They are very much appreciated.

Download the app here.

*This is not an official app and is in no way endorsed by or affiliated to Khan Academy, Inc.


Twyxt: a social network for two

Or rather, the un-social network.

Here’s a quick introduction:


Download the app now at

Here are some of the media coverage:


UPDATE (03/06/13): Added media coverage links and the YouTube introductory video.


m.globe Android app and widget

This was the first application I created that went public and got used by hundreds, possibly thousands of people.

The basic concept is this: it gives users of Globe Telecom (a Philippine telco company) free access to Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and a news aggregator right on their Android home screen. The widget also displays their account information such as prepaid balance and outstanding charges for postpaid subscribers. The application also makes subscribing to a Globe promo quick and easy. No need to memorize confusing promo keywords.

It can be downloaded from the Android Market or from the m.globe mobile portal. The Android application and widget was also mentioned in several blog posts like this popular local tech blog .

m.globe widget on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich