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iMulat: an app for parents & caregivers of children 0 to 6 years old

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iMulat is the condensed version of the parenting education session modules of the First Read project of Save the Children Philippines.

It can be downloaded at the Android Play Store:

It is divided into 10 sessions covering child development, health and nutrition, positive discipline, and risk reduction, to name a few. It is designed to be accessed by parents who cannot attend face-to-face parenting sessions and those who want to learn how to engage with children ages 0 – 6 to support their holistic development.

10 Parenting Sessions

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This mobile application encourages caregivers to change their behaviour and be more engaged in promoting early years stimulation, when parents change their behaviour in this way it leads to improvements in children’s learning outcomes in the domains of cognitive development, socio-emotional development, and their physical/motor development. It aims to motivate caregivers to change their behaviour through the use of an interactive app that can be used on smart devices.

This has been’s third project with Save The Children, after Ligtas Pinas and “Chuchay Makulay & Billy Bilis” interactive e-book.

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The application also has a calendar that caregivers can use to log and monitor activities they do with their children. Whether they play, read, talk, sing, or count with them, caregivers will be able to track if they are able to allot time for children for quality interactions.



The line graph, which is also a feature of the application, will give them a quick overview of their progress.

iMulat’s official launch at Trinoma Mall, Quezon City

Download station and help center

There was also a book fair for children’s books published by Save The Children