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Find the middle of two or more locations and discover great venues nearby! Meet halfway, save time!

What is Rendezvous?
ren·dez·vous noun \ˈrän-di-ˌvü, -dā-\
: a place where people agree to meet at a particular time

Ideal for:
1. meeting-up with a far away friend (or group of friends)
2. organizing a buy-and-sell transaction
3. meeting a client for lunch
4. first dates
5. just about any meet-up scenario you can think of!

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How to use Rendezvous?

1. Add at least two markers. Either:
a. Zoom in and scroll to the desired position, then tap the “Plus” button
b. Tap the “Search” button and enter a place to look for.

2. Hold and drag the markers to adjust.

3. Tap the Rendezvous icon to look for the halfway point.

4. Several suggested venues will appear around the Rendezvous point.

5. Tap the map toolbar icons to open in Google Maps or navigate to the venue.

6. Tap the menu button (or the overflow/3-dots button) and select “Screenshot” to take a photo of the map, then you can share it to the people you would meet.

Download the Android app here. (iOS coming soon)


PH Mountains

PH Mountains is the first and only Philippine mountains information app.


It boasts the following features:


  • One hand-picked photo per mountain
  • Vast collection of mountain information, maps, photos, and videos
  • Mountains can be sorted alphabetically, by elevation, by climbing difficulty, or by location (Find out the nearest mountains around you!)
  • Mountains currently closed for hiking are marked
  • Includes weather information (with remarks whether an excellent/good/fair/poor day for hiking)
  • Aggregated photos from Instagram and Google Images



  • Choose between Terrain (default), Satellite, Normal, or Hybrid view
  • See your current location relative to the mountains (Useful when identifying peaks around you)


  • Keep track of your hikes
  • Automatically plotted on a separate map
  • Two separate lists (and maps): ‘Climbed’ and ‘Wanna Climb’
  • Share it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.



  • Shows a quotation (about mountains, nature, and adventure) every time you open the app
  • Tap the refresh button for a new one if you just can’t get enough 😉
  • Share quotes directly from the app either as text or an image



  • Personalize the app
  • Choose between metric and imperial units
  • Set the total image cache size limit

Click here to download the Android app. (iOS app will soon follow)

UPDATE (12/10/14): PH Mountains made it to the #3 spot of the Top Free Android Apps in the Philippines and #19 in the Top New Free Worldwide, both in the Sports category.



PH Traffic Cam’s iOS App

Good news! The iOS app of PH Traffic Cam is already up in the Apple App Store. Click here to download.


In other news, I recently launched the app’s Facebook page. And did I mention that two months ago the Android app reached more than 50,000 downloads already? Yay! The recent update (version 1.4) also had a major interface revamp that includes some Android Material Design elements.


UPDATE (12/04/14): PH Traffic Cam made it to the #4 spot of the iOS Top Free Apps Charts in the Philippines, Navigation category.

Screenshot 2014-12-04 01.41.46