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Khan Academy Mobile

Khan Academy Mobile brings the popular learning platform’s entire curriculum to Android users in a unique and feature-rich way! You can create study plans by marking the videos that most interests you, then watch them later. You can even share the video links to various channels.

Key features:
☆ Watch and learn from thousands of educational videos from the entire Khan Academy curriculum
☆ Organized by subject
☆ Create a study plan that will serve as your handy to-watch list
☆ Share video links via SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any other app on your Android phone!

☆ Built specifically for Android! Uses Holo UX design.
☆ Utilizes caching of video categories for faster app navigation!


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This is my first published application in my personal Android developer account. Basically, it is an Android counterpart of the app I wrote for J2Me several months ago which can be downloaded here. However, this version is packed with additional features that the J2Me platform simply can’t do (e.g. sharing the video link to any compatible application in the phone). However, due to my limited time for leisure coding, the app is still in beta stage and bugs and crashes may come here and there. Please report them and send in your comments and suggestions, too! They are very much appreciated.

Download the app here.

*This is not an official app and is in no way endorsed by or affiliated to Khan Academy, Inc.

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