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Fresh J2ME apps

UPDATE (11/25/12): The Flood Map app was featured in a local news and public affairs TV show!

Here’s a list of Java (J2ME) mobile apps that I have written over the last couple of months. Cheers!

  • Typing Race
    • a mobile typing game for touch screen, qwerty, and non-qwerty keypads. The objective of the game is to type the given phrase in the least time possible and with no or least number of backspace use to gain high score. Players can even create their own custom phrases that they can use.
    • Reached about 20,000 downloads one week after publishing it
  • Hidden
    • Hidden is a mobile application that hides a message within an image. It maybe used to hide important and confidential messages on the phone and may also be used to transmit messages between parties so that those unintended parties would not know the existence of the message.