Google+ Easy Share


Google+ Easy Share

UPDATE (1/11/12): The extension is now available at the Chrome webstore!

Google+ Easy Share is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to share any content (text, image, video, link, current page you’re viewing, etc.) on your web browser to your Google Plus stream!

Download the Chrome extension and install it.  Right click on anything on your web browser, then click ‘Share on Google+’!

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VickiPosted on8:32 am - Feb 4, 2012

I have two G+ accounts. I need a way to tell EasyShare to Switch Account.

WilliePosted on7:09 pm - Jul 25, 2012

Fantastic, be need to be able to choose profile or business page. Thanks.

Arabica RobustaPosted on8:02 pm - Sep 8, 2012

This extension no longer works.

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